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To all of those ripped off by Jeff Perry and Dynasty Decks and Spas in San Antonio, you need to send a demand letter for the return of your money within 10 days.When the letter is returned, signed or not, immediately file charges with your local police department for theft of funds against these low-lifes.

I hope they all die and their families along with them!! These people had no intention of delivering services as contracted. They just sent salesmen out to rip-off the public.

This Jeff Perry clown used to be with Dream Decks in San Antonio or Austin.Die you ***!

Review about: Money Return.


San Antonio, Texas, United States #939164

His contact information is available. Contact me (post) if you have been swindled and I'll give you what you need to pursue.

Austin, Texas, United States #876412

Correction Eden Deck & Patio or Eden Deck and Patio. Stay away from this company.

Austin, Texas, United States #876411

Fyi - Jeff Perry is now running Eden Deck & Spa out of San Antonio and Bexar county.We had major issues with this company similar to dynasty decks consumers had years ago.

Beware of Eden Deck & Patio now.


Fyi john anderson(dream decks scammer-jeff perrys partener)is currently selling decks for paradice decks and spas! Its crasy these scubags are still selling decks! Former installer, best deck builder in san antonio!


I am just as disgusted as y'all are.Jeff owes me over $13000 in jobs that were sold.

I had zero zero in involvement in all this ***. I found out the hard way just as Kari did. Kari tried to make things right but was attacked by jeff for trying to fix things. Not physically but mentally she was abused as well.

Oh well he's in prison for 10 years. He got what he deserved. I'm sick to my stomach for all the people he ripped off. I'm not apologizing for him.

He's a *** bag but apologizing to all the poor folks he ripped off.

I'm sorry.For being blind and not seeing it coming.


I worked for jeff when he was legit. I got a phone call from the state prosecuter stating he will be going to prison for 10 years the friday. It dont take away the money loss, but he got what he deserved....


funlovinmommy - Don’t be naïve.Jeff’s wife or whatever she is knew exactly what was going on.

He left because of the warrant. Now he is out of jail and living back with her.

Take the blinders off, you probably aren’t aware that she works at a strip club.These two are white trash.


White trash!!!


Jeff's wife or whatever she is currently works at a strip club called The Palace on I-410 near the airport.


funluvinmommy be real. Jeff wife or whatever she is told people that she was the company accountant don't pretent that she had no knowledge.


FYI, Jeff Perry was arrested on 8/27/10 and will be facing many counts of theft and fraud.I don't agree that their families should be held accountable.

I am actually his neighbor and this is the first I had heard of this. His wife kicked him out more than 2 months ago and had no prior knowledge of his actions before then.

She is doing her best to pick up the pieces of her shattered life as a now single mother.I wish you all the best at getting justice and your money returned.


We will be taking Jeff Perry and Brandon Orrcutt to court in effort to get our money back for a job that was not done.He promised to return our money but has not.

I highly suggest everyone that has been conned by these guys file a report with the DA, courts, and/or police. The more reports get made, the attention is drawn to him to be investigated. Maybe the same will occur to Mr.

Perry and Mr.Orrcutt that happened to John Anderson of Dream Decks.


I recently purchased a home and contracted dynasty to do a patio for me.the price was right and the job came out nice.

the proj. mgr however quit halfway thru the job but they still got it done. i was happy with it so i also had them put in a roof. again the proj.

mgr quit halfway thru. this time it did slow things down, however they still got it done but only after a little push and shove from me. trying to reach dynasty was frustrating at times. they hardly ever answer or return phone calls.

but, they got it done and it came out nice.

i was told by jeff that he was ripped off by one of his partners but who really knows what happened.overall, i wouldn't recommend dynasty or empire but i am feeling like i was one of the lucky ones.


Jeff Perry now has a company called Empire Dek & Patio supposedly located near the UTSA area - HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!

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